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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mom Facing Jail Time

I read an article today in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about a local mom facing jail time for what seems to be a horrible accident.  From what was stated in the article, the story goes something like this: 

A Cobb County mom, Raquel Nelson,  got off of a public transit and proceeded to cross the four lane road with her three kids.  As the article stated, she didn't go to a cross walk because the nearest one for .3 miles away, and it was getting dark outside.  Evidently, while crossing the road, her son was hit and killed by a hit and run driver.  Well, here is the kicker for me. The guy who fled the scene pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in jail.  He has served his time and is now out.  The mom is facing sentencing tomorrow, and she could get up to three years in jail.

Am I the only one that seems something wrong with this?  The mom is up to get more time than the guy who hit the kid and then DROVE OFF!! Yes, the mom should have been more careful, but she didn't set out to kill her own son.  I just hope the judge in this case shows some compassion and can see that the mom has probably suffered enough already.  Surely she won't send  her do jail time and take her away from the other two kids. 

Oh, and if you want to be in far greater disbelief, here is more about the guy that drove off:

"Guy was originally charged with hit and run, first degree homicide by vehicle and cruelty to children. Charges were later dropped to just the hit and run charge.Court records show that Guy was previously convicted of two-hit-and-runs on the same day, Feb. 17, 1997.The first hit-and-run also happened on Austell Road, but when Guy fled from that scene he hit another car, seriously injuring that driver and passenger, records show.Guy pleaded guilty and received a two-year prison sentence, but was out in less than a year, according to the Department of Corrections website."  (taken from AJC)

It will be interesting to see what happens in this case.


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1 comment:

Endang said...

It is indeed true Molly, in the world's judicial often happen court decisions that really is not fair. As if the judge who decided the injustices, did not have conscience at all.