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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sleep Late or Shower? ~Mom Blog~

Saturday...gotta love Saturday!! You know, the day when you get to hopefully sleep in- catch a few extra Zzzzzz, feel refreshed, and take on the day.

Well, up until 5 months ago Saturday was pretty much a guaranteed day to do just that. But, thanks to my bouncing baby blessing I have to make 'new mom' decisions again.

They tend to go something like this.... "Do I get out of bed before the baby awakens and shower?" or "Do I sleep late and hope to somehow work a shower in?"

Choice one offers less sleep but hot water can work wonders for circulation - puts pep in your step. Choice two guarantees the desperately needed few extra minutes of snooze time, but I will feel like crap when I am awakened abruptly by a crying hungry baby. Plus, I will have to sport a cap if I dare venture out of the house.

Today went something like this....

My lovely husband got up before me, fed the baby a yummy bottle of pumped breast milk (probably why I need the extra sleep... the body is a factory), and let me sleep in a few extra minutes. As I awaken, hubby leaves to take son #1 to batting practice before his baseball game.... where does that leave me? It bought me a tad more shut-eye, but it left me looking like a frazzled mess that somehow has to get a shower before I head to the game myself.

Answer: Out comes the portable baby swing with its flashing lights, music, and mommy as the entertainment. Yep, prop baby in the swing, position him in front of the shower and lather up.

Should I take it personally that he laughed the whole time?


Andrea said...

Oh, I remember the days! And it always seemed like the novelty of the bouncy seat wore off right about the time I put the shampoo in my hair! :D

Robyn A. said...

This is my strategy, except I put her in a bouncy seat. And last time, I tripped over the leg of the bouncy seat and broke my toe!