Mom Blog: written by a teacher-mom, but not just for moms- a blog for everyone: Who is the mom behind this blog?

Who is the mom behind this blog?

Before we get to me, I want to say, Wow! It's a near miracle you found me considering all of the mommy blogs located in cyberland. Although I am a blogging mom, this blog is not just for moms. There is a difference between a mom blog and a blogging mom. 'Blogging' is an adjective describing me, the mom. Hopefully there is something on my blog for everyone.
Also, I love comments, so please feel free to speak up. Come back and visit often!

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So, Just who is this mom that blogs?  I ask myself that same question sometimes. I know, I am 40 and still trying to find myself. Well, not really. Quite honestly, I know exactly who I am AKA- strong willed, compassionate, hard working, list goes on  Don't get me wrong.  I do go searching, trying to find things, but it's more like a good bargain, good blog topic, or that one missing sock that the dryer seems to have eaten.

Speaking of blog topics, I am so glad you found my blog.  This is my 'mommy blog' where I can speak my mind... the good, bad, and ugly. Life is filled with those three things.  I like to focus on the good, speak out about the bad, and sometimes I get mad about the ugly.  But, in the end, it's all good.

You already know I am a mom. Hence the blog address , but I am also a wife, a 4th grade teacher, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and about a million other labels I could give myself. I am ME and me is a good place to be. I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education, and I hold a master's degree in elementary reading and literacy. Teaching is a passion, as I started teaching almost 20 years.

My kids are ages 14, 12, and 18 months. I know, big gap in between the last two.  We were blessed after almost 17 years of marriage to get a third bundle of joy. Sometimes the best gifts are surprises. My husband is Ashley I know, .... just think "Gone with the Wind". He is a girl's varsity basketball coach, as well as a high school social studies teacher.  My two older kids, Madison and Gibson, are active in sports, so we keep very busy jumping from gym to ballpark. Little Hudson just goes with the flow, smiling all the way.  My thinking when he came along was that he could either 'change our life or fit into our life', and I am happy to say he has fit in quite nicely. He has filled our lives with happiness.

I started this blog after making the decision to say home (for the second time in my life).  I knew I would need some kind of creative outlet. I love to share my thoughts and express my opinions, so a blog just seemed fitting.

If that wasn't enough info. for you, check out a blog posting where I offered more tidbits about me:  More on Molly .

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