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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Walks ~ Mom Blog ~

Today, as I was walking around my neighborhood, I couldn't help but look around and see such beauty in the leaves. I grabbed my infamous Blackberry and took a few shots. You know, the one that I always complain about and the clarity of the pics it takes. oh well! These are the best shots I got. You can at least see why I enjoy my walks.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Everyone always seems to be in a good mood. People just seem to have a little more pep in their step. No one is hot and irritable due to the GA sunshine. It's just a nice time of year.

Top Mom Blog ~ ~

Okay, so I may not have earned the title "Top Mom Blog" just yet, but I am working my way to becoming just that. Who knows, maybe I have set my sights  too high too early, but I am sort of known for that. It does have a nice ring to it though. In addition,  I might even like to be called "The Best Blog for Moms" or "Number One Blog by a Mom". I could go on and on.

Having been a teacher for many years, one of the concepts I always tried to help my third grade students understand is that writers typically write for an audience. Now, I could have started this blog and given the address out to just close family, but that wouldn't be a big enough audience for me.  I have things to say, remember. Sure, I want to share the family pics and give the fun little details about my life, but what about the world news topics that relate to everyone? How about hot celebrity tidbits that I want to comment on? I even find myself wanting to offer my viewpoint on other bloggers' postings. This mom blog will offer all of that. You might say that I have just gotten started with the thoughts and ideas I would like to share.

Now, how am I going to achieve this top mom blog title? Well, I am going to have to work hard, that is for sure.  Anything you read about blogs and how to get recognized on the web will tell you that it's all about content, content, content. What you say in your blog has to be worthy of reading and it has to be said in a way to make your readers want to come back. Some of my topics will just come to me naturally based on what happens in my own life. Some will come to me when I read the news, listen to the radio, or when I read other blogs.  And, some topics will just come out of nowhere.  (I hope)

Who is my audience?  Well, moms of course.  But, that's not it.  I am not limiting myself to one little niche.  It is sort of like the movie phrase, "If you build it, they will come." Well, I am going to build it, and I guess I will just see who comes.  Right now, my site meter indicates that I have had visitors reading my blog from GA to California to Canada.  I have even had someone from New South Wales, Australia.

Where this blog will take me? Who knows.  What will come of it?  I will see. Where will my visitors come from? Time will tell. For now, I am having fun with it, so enjoy the ride with me.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get some Cell Phone Etiquette, Please! ~ Mom Blog ~

Recently, I was shopping at the grocery store, making my rounds up and down the isles when I couldn't help but overhear this lady talking on her cell phone. I say 'overhear', but honestly, you couldn't be near her and not hear. No eavesdropping involved on my part. Even when I got one isle ahead of her I still heard her over the top of the bread loaves. I decided to put some pep in my step and moved ahead of her quickly.

Then, there she was beside me again. She caught up with me as I hit the freezer isle. As I reached into the freezer for some corn, she casually walks by pushing her toddler in the buggy. Then I hear it.

"I told that man when I married him I would not divorce him."
"But you know, he called me up and said, Baby I want a divorce."
"I figured, well, since he asked, I just might as well go ahead and give him one."
"I don't know what that man's problem is!"

yada yada yada....

First off, how can you have that conversation in front of a small child? Second, how can you have a blaring conversation of a private matter walking down the isle of the grocery store? It would have been no different had she just announced her issues over the grocery store's PA system. She simply had no tact and wasn't using good judgement in front of her little one.... AKA- rude!

I was really quite shocked by this and decided to check out some cell phone etiquette guidelines. What do you know, the first paragraph discusses how one should leave conversations such as this away from the publics' listening ears.  It sort of goes along with the TMI... it's just Too Much Info., so don't share it with me!

My curiosity was peaked at some other etiquette guidelines, and I would agree that I have been annoyed by many of these, such as:

  • annoying ring tones, especially loud ones
  • distracted drivers
  • talking loudly when it's not necessary
  • holding up check-out lines
  • etc. -the list goes on
Those are just some basics, but if you really want to get proper with your cell phone etiquette, you may want to refer to this info. that was featured on . A few of the ideas I thought were great suggestions, such as the 'phone free' time referred to for when kids use cell phones. None of my kids have cell phones, but Madison is probably getting one for Christmas. I can see implementing this with her.

What do you think?  Have you ever been annoyed by anyone's cell phone habits?  I love comments here at 

Cell Phone Etiquette

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Friday, October 29, 2010

I want to live on a Farm! ~ Mom Blog ~

.... and no, it is not ME that wants to live on a farm

Can you see me driving this? I will stick to my swagger wagon.
 We have all heard the old adage, "The grass is greener on the other side of the fence." Well, in this case, my very own thirteen year old daughter thinks the grass is greener in a cow pasture. I can not tell you how many times she has requested that we move to a farm.  She has darn near begged.... "Please, Please, Please, can we move to a farm?"

I keep trying to explain to her, "Madison,  there are no neighbors on a farm, and you are very social." She says, "Yes, but there are chickens."

What the heck am I doing to do with a da*m chicken, I ask you?  I realize that I may not always find the time to talk to my friends, but I am not going to settle for chicken chat. Plus, we don't even go through a dozen eggs a week.... egg salad, egg Benedict, french toast, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs... rotten eggs!

When I tell you that this would be an extreme move, I am not exaggerating. Keep in mind that I actually live in a country club golf course community with about 700 homes. So, we would go from 700 homes with people everywhere to one home in the middle of the boonies, no neighbors in sight.... don't think so.

She wants to trade the golf balls for cow patties, the tennis courts for hay bales, and the swimming pool (with a water slide I might add) for feeding troughs. She says, "But it will be fun!".... Ummmm... and what do you call the tennis, pool, and golf? 

As the story goes... she will keep asking, and I will  keep saying for the umpteenth time, "Madison, we are NOT moving to a farm!"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mommy's Little Pumpkin ~ Mom Blog ~

Tonight on a whim I decided to dress Hudson up in his little Jack-o-Lantern outfit.  I wanted to try and get some pictures of him with a pumpkin. Unfortunately, I had no pumpkin. What to do?? I decided my neighbor, Ms. Betty, wouldn't mind if I borrowed one of hers. It was quite the challenge, as Hudson kept wanting to eat the leaves. I know I complain about my Blackberry taking terrible pictures,  but I was at least able to get one that was worthy of saving. I think it's pretty cute.

Mommy's Little Pumpkin

Response to "Should Fatties Get a Room? (Even on TV)? by Maura Kelly ~ Mom Blog ~

Yep, that is the title that seems to be causing such a stir in the blogosphere, as well as in Hollywood news. It's all directed to the TV show Mike and Molly featured on CBS. Maura Kelly, a blog writer for Marie Claire magazine wrote a blog posting in which she shared a few choice words about how this show is depicting obese characters in intimate situations. So, why is everyone outraged?  Well, read the article Should Fatties Get a Room  and then form your own opinion.  Was she too harsh?

Photo borrowed from CNN website

I find it interesting that Maura's other postings have gotten few and far comments ranging from 0-15 on most.  They have also been on controversial topics with titles such as, "Innocent Sibling Incest", "Do Fat Men Last Longer", and "Are you Gay".

So, why this posting?  Why so many comments and such madness? The 1700 comments prove that this is a society issue with much sensitivity. It is personal to many because unlike the above topics, being obese touches every person in some way, whether it be a parent, sibling, friend, co-worker, or one's self.

I think the choice of vocabulary is where she went wrong, using such words as 'grossed out' rather than sticking with the "aesthetically displeasing" comment. If you remove a few vocab glitches, there is much truth to the posting. People do need to eat right, being morbidly obese is unhealthy, most are unhappy, it typically is about lack of control, it does cost the health care system a lot, and so on.  I have watched enough Dr. Oz to know that these are indeed true.

What about the editor? She is the one that posed the question. What about CNN? They are the ones with the original article drawing people's attention to the comfort level of people watching morbidly obese people on TV. They said that this show has, "drawn cries from some viewers who aren't comfortable watching intimacy between two plus-sized actors."  Many people are speaking out against Maura, but the reality is, based on CNN's statement, there must be many more like her. 

I am in no way condoning the delivery of Maura's message, as her words were somewhat abrasive. Because there was such an outrage about this posting, she did issue an apology. I am sure many people appreciated it, although some people felt like it was an insincere gesture and just given as a result of the outpouring of negativity towards her.

After thought:  I think I may go back and read that one posting on "Do Fat Men Last Longer?"... smile smile 

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Stages of eating Baby Food ~ Mom Blog ~

Yeah! It must be time to eat. 
 I wonder what Mommy has warmed up for me today.

Yum!  Those first few bites were delish!
Can't wait for more.

All I have to do is open my mouth and the spoonfuls keep on coming.
This is great, but I'm getting full.

 Couldn't you figure it out on that last bite....

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Response to "Worthless Women and the Men Who Make Them" by Single Dad Laughing ~ Mom Blog ~

Click here to read Single Dad Laughing's blog posting: Worthless Women and the Men Who Make Them

I am sorry for the world depicted in the blog... one where women are not appreciated and honored. A world where women are not seen as equal and women feel it necessary to have self hatred as a direct result of the men in their lives.

Fortunately, that is not the same world I live in. Although there are many women that can relate to this posting, quite frankly, I think that most women would agree that the ideas expressed do not reflect their world. I might add that I don't live in a world of candy and roses, but the phrases and terminology  used seemed to have hints of one's own personal struggle with women rather than being reflective of the men of the world.

All men seem to have been lumped into this one category....having no respect for the 'real' woman. Some  wording that caught my attention was "women are",  "Guys, it's our fault", "forward this to every man you know", "make a bold declaration against everything we've ever been taught", "destroyed the beauty", "They can't be all of it. Not naturally", "They feel our belief that they are the weaker sex",  "It is because of us", "I am losing my attraction for women", ( I, I, I, I) "We want what we can never have" (We, We, We, We), "We are all screwed up" " Media made me this way", "Media has made ALL men this way."

.... okay, enough already!

I think my number one problem with this posting is that it is directed to ALL men. Forward this to "all men you know" , "Media has made ALL men this way", or "We are ALL screwed up."

I am here to say that not ALL men are this way!

Many men are self respecting, female honoring, wife loving, mother cherishing MEN. They do not find women the weaker sex. They do not find the unnatural to be sexy. They don't want what they can never have. They are very happy with what they do have. They simply are not all screwed up.

So, my kudos are going out to all of the wonderful men in this world... men like my dad, my grandfathers, my brother, the in laws and so many more men I have come in contact with.......most importantly, my fantastic husband.  I thank him for the seventeen years of marriage, the three kids, and for loving ME... the REAL me!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pre-wrap for your hair! ~ Mom Blog ~

It's pink... It's purple.... It's way cool, but it's not really intended for hair. Of course, leave it to somebody to reinvent a product for another purpose. It's sport's pre-wrap, which is normally used for bandaging purposes and most often comes in a dull beige color. Boooooring!! In this case though, it comes in a variety of fun colors and it's being used by the sporty teen girls as hairbands. So Fashionable! Madison and I searched locally for it, but couldn't find it, so I surprised her by purchasing some online. You can wear one color or you can get creative and do things like braiding the colors. What a fun way to add some color to your hair!
Order your Pre-Wrap today!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where are your priorities? ~ Mom Blog ~

All of the things listed below can be
lost, taken away, or stolen.
Which ones get  most of your time?
Which ones get your devotion?
Which ones get your love?
Which ones are your priority?
  • Your House
  • Your Car
  • Your Computer
  • Your Wardrobe
  • Your Social Life
  • Your Friends
  • Your Hobbies
  • Your Pets
  • Your Job
  • Your Income
  • Your Spouse
  • Your Kids
Which ones can't be replaced?
Are those your priority?

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Flashback ~ Mom Blog ~

It's Fall Flashback! 
This picture of Madison and Gibson was taken just 4 years ago, but they look so young to me.
It's just a fact I have to face... they are growing up.
They also look like they are getting along and actually like each other.
Can't say that happens too often now a days.
~Parents of teenagers know what I'm talking about~

What is this parent thinking? ~ Mom Blog ~

Yesterday I was out on my daily stroll with baby Hudson.

Breeze was feeling good.
Baby was sleeping.
I was working my way up the hills.

I enjoy these walks now that the weather is cooler, plus it gets me out of the house for an hour or so. I try to plan these walks around Hudson's nap time, so I can get a full three miles in. I am blessed to live in a sidewalk community that is quite nice actually. It is a golf course/country club neighborhood that offers many beautiful sights.

Yesterday though, I was shocked by one of the sights.

It went something like this.....

VROOOOM! VROOOOM! (loud noise) 
ZOOOM!  ZOOOM! (fast machine) 
CRAP! (it's coming right at me) 
WHAT THE &*^#*@*?  (a kid on a dirt bike full speed ahead, down the sidewalk, headed straight at me)

Yes, for real!  It really went like that.

Here I am just strolling along, looking straight ahead, when SHhhh ZaaaM!  out of nowhere this kid comes flying right at me... you know, 'petal to the metal' fast.

My first thought was.....This kid is crazy!
My second thought was.....He is ON the sidewalk!
My third thought was..... What parent is letting their 11 year old son ride a motor bike full speed ahead (faster than the speed limit for cars) on the freaking SIDEWALK?????

Thank the good Lord this kid saw me and that I moved to the grassy area. He slowed down and turned into a driveway. As I approached him, I recognized him, and actually said to him, "I don't really think you need to be riding that on the sidewalk."

His response... (Ignore the nice lady).... VROOOM! VROOOM!... speed away.

He then sped back and forth past me about four more times before I made it to the end of the street to head back home. As I walked past the cul-de-sac where he lives (which is a couple of streets over from me) I looked towards his house since he had turned that way. To my surprise,  his mom was on the front porch watching him.... cheering him -so to speak!

She saw me looking at her and I really wanted to go talk to her, but it was such an awkward situation. I decided that if I saw it again, I would do exactly that.

So, the question goes back to.... What was this parent thinking? 

Why would you put the safety of others in jeopardy? Why would you let your 11 year old put his own life at risk, which is ultimately what was happening. This neighborhood is not a dirt bike trail. This neighborhood has small kids running around, cars pulling out, people walking babies!! Plus, an eleven year old simply  doesn't have the forethought nor the reaction time/quick thinking skills to handle such a situation.

THINK PARENTS! THINK!  or GRAB A CLUE is more like it!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Baseball has Ended ~ Mom Blog ~

Fall Baseball has ended.  It was a great season. I am proud to say the Rays finished in second place.  
Way to go Gibson! 

I wanna be a Baby - Life is good! ~Mom Blog~

This morning at 6:00 a.m. I was enjoying Mommyland, you know, sitting there on the couch, having just finished nursing my six month old, basically trying to clear my eyes, and get focused on what needs to be done during the day.

As I am sipping on my second cup of Java, watching the baby scoot across the floor, I  had this awakening. Well, it wasn't like a boost of energy awakening, as that hasn't happened since before I was pregnant, but it was a 'man this baby has it good' awakening.  It got me thinking...... wondering what it would be like to be an "Adult Baby"...... hmmmm.

Let's see.... If I were an adult baby:

I would awaken to warm oatmeal with bananas every morning. It would be the perfect consistency and the temperature would be 'lip tested', so as not to burn my mouth.

Life is good.

I wouldn't have to worry about what to wear, as my outfit would be freshly washed and picked out just for me. It would be the cutest, most up-to-date outfit. I would be expecting compliments from complete strangers on how absolutely adorable I look, and everyone would want to know where I bought it.

Life is good.

Mid morning I would feel my eyelids starting to get heavy, and even with people talking around me, I would quietly close them and fall fast asleep. No offense taken. People would actually be proud of me and rejoice that I had slipped away for a few moments of quiet time.

Life is good.

I would get to awaken on my own, and to my surprise, I wouldn't even have to make my way to the bathroom. Fresh undies are delivered right to me.

Life is good.

Once I am feeling clean and tidy, out of nowhere I get a delivery of a cool tasty beverage. I sip on this a while as I mingle among family and friends. Laughing, cooing, oohing, aahing.

 Life is good.

Ooops! Time for another high-fashion wardrobe change.

I get a burst of energy as I play with the most sought-after toys....ones with fast motors, blinking lights, and vibrating movements. Things I can hit, stomp, slap, and pound. People actually say, "Yeah!" when I nearly destroy something. When I grow restless of one, I am handed another. Always a new toy. Always a celebration.

Life is good.

It's Thanksgiving at every meal, consisting of warm turkey with apples, corn casserole, and mixed fruit. My bib sports the embroidared message, "I am in charge here!"  and I really am. I know this because when I scream, people actually listen.

Life is good.

As the day comes to an end, someone runs me a warm bath, lets me splash around, and then gives me a massage with lavendar lotion.

Life is good.

The sun goes down and I decide, on my own time, that I am ready for a good night's sleep. I am warm in my PJs, my tummy is full,  and I even get quiet soothing music to help me drift off. I reflect on how wonderful everyone was to me, on all the hugs and kisses I got throughout the day. Once again, everyone seems trilled that I am enjoying this 'me time'.

 As always, life is good.

Babies are such precious gifts, so much fun to have around. They are a lot of work, but they bring a lot of joy. They are full of demands and for our own sanity, we meet those demands.

Let's face it, for a baby, life is good.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Response to Single Dad Laughing's Post on Bullying ~Mom Blog~

Blog Title from Single Dad Laughing:  Click to read the article, Are we all talk, or are we going to fix this? Less Talk, More Walk

You also need to understand that A LOT is being done in order to speak out against bullying.  I have been an elementary educator for nearly 20 years. The majority of my years have been in third-fourth grades, the years when you will actually see some 'teasing' start to take place.  Of course, this simple childish teasing is what could eventually turn into the bullying you are making reference to.

Bullying is nothing to make light of.
Bullying is not childish teasing.
Bullying should not be tolerated!

You are right when you say that "WE", parents/adults/teachers, etc. should reach out to the bullies. They are in need of something, and we should be there to help them. The teachers I know do speak up. The counselors in schools do reach out. The parents I know do want change. Character education is being taught. I have sat in on many lessons dealing with the topic of bullying. The focus is on the bully and the one being bullied.

You make many good points in your blog, but do not lose sight that it is also absolutely necessary to build strength in the one being bullied. Remember, these are the ones that are choosing to end their lives. One group though has been left out.

One particular group you have not made reference to is the 'audience'... AKA... the people that witness or watch the bullying take place.  This group of kids also falls victim to the bully.  They need to be taught to stand up and speak out. You see, the kids that become the audience are not typically kids that would bully on their own. They would typically never start a bullying act. They need to be taught to recognize the act of bullying  and then taught the skills needed to stand up and speak out. They need to feel comfortable going to a teacher, going to a parent, or quite frankly speak up to the bully himself. Kids can do this, I have seen it, and it can work.

The problem with bullying is that it is like a game. No, I am not referring to a child's board game, and I am not making light of bullying when I say a game.  But the reality is, it is like a game of the mind.  A bully tends to seek out the vulnerable kid, the one who is least likely to stand up for themselves.  The quiet kid. The one that is a tad different. In order to make the bully feel the power, acceptance, or whatever it is that a bully seeks, he thrives when he has an audience.

A bully is indeed seeking something, as you say.  They are in need of something, yes, I agree. They are looking for power, acceptance, control, or something else. The reasons a bully bullies are different, but if a bully does not feel that 'satisfaction' they are seeking, or if they do not gain the 'acceptance' they are looking for, the game is lost. If the bully does not get the laughs from his audience or the quiet acceptance of just having the audience watch, the game is lost.

A child being bullied often times does not speak up, they don't use their voice. They don't go to a teacher, they don't tell a parent, and therefore the problem is compounded. Day after day. The weak become weaker, and the bully becomes stronger, or so he thinks he does. After all, remember, the bully sought out the weak to begin with. The weak are less inclined to speak up.

There are many aspects to the topic of bullying, and you have made many valid points in your promotion of reaching out to the bully himself.  In the end though, the game is not going to be won if you simply place focus on the bully himself.  Bullying is a team sport. Remember, it is like a game. There is no "I" in team. Every person  involved plays a role in this problem and in winning this terrible game called bullying.... the bully, the bullied, and the audience.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who took my Deodorant? ~ Mom Blog ~

It is Wear It Wednesday, and my tee for this Wednesday is.....

If you have a teenage daughter, you are going to be able to relate to the scene I am about to recreate for you....

You are in the bathroom having just gotten out of the shower. You dry off and walk over to the counter.  You have all of your supplies set up for this daily ritual you go through. Towel dry your hair and reach for the moose.  Grab the powder and then move onto some perfume. Next, go after the deodorant. Deodorant!!!! Where is the deodorant? HELLLLLLLOOO!!!  I know it is here looking everywhere! I did not move the deodorant. I always have the deodorant right here. 

Realization.........ARGH!!!!!  MADISON  AKA dear daughter  has taken my STUFF again!!  smile smile

What to do?  Reach for the hubby's sport scented masculine stuff.  Whatever at this point. 

Madison gets home from school. Here is the conversation.

"Madison, have you seen my deodorant?"
"Yes, it's in my gym bag."
"Why did you take my deodorant?"
"I was out."
"So, YOU are out. You decide to take mine, and now I am out."

She chuckles, and of course I realize this is absolutely something I would have done as a teenager.

Blackberry Photo Happy ~Mom Blog~

I am always using my Blackberry to snap photos of Hudson camera happy mom here. Typically it is when I am bored and I say, "Hmmm... let me see if I can get a photo of that." Sometimes I will attempt to snap photos that include me, as well. If I am lucky, they will actually turn out okay well, sort of okay. Unfortunately, my Blackberry is not snapping very clear photos.  To be honest, I should be using my regular camera. On second thought, that camera is not all that great either well, not of the quality I would like. I would really like to buy a new camera, one that can get great action shots, one that snaps photos of professional clarity.

I also recently bought some photo software to add backgrounds to some of my images.  Today I am simply practicing inserting the photos to see what kind of end result I can get.  Here is a sample.  I snapped these photos on the front porch yesterday.

You will have to excuse the no make-up, no hair fixed, sleep deprived Mommy, but hey, I am smiling.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sister Wives ~ Mom Blog ~

I am not a big TV buff, but every once in a while a show will grab my attention and I get a little hooked.  In this case, the show Sister Wives on TLC has done exactly that.  I am not sure what it is about this show that has drawn me in unless it has something to do with the religion vs. law aspect of it.  I think one thing that intrigues me most is that this family is willing to risk the dad, Kody Brown, going to prison in order to speak up about polygamy and share the lifestyle they live with the world. There are not many people that have such a strong belief about something that they would be willing to take such a risk. crazy, but whatever! At least I get to benefit from the entertainment of it.

photo borrowed from 

Of course this topic has lead me to do some reading on polygamy, and from what I can find, this is what the law reads in the state of Utah where the family resides:
Article 3 Section
The following ordinance shall be irrevocable without the consent of the United States and the people of this State: [Religious toleration -- Polygamy forbidden.] First: -- Perfect toleration of religious sentiment is guaranteed. No inhabitant of this State shall ever be molested in person or property on account of his or her mode of religious worship; but polygamous or plural marriages are forever prohibited.

With that being said, it looks like this law clearly states that, despite religious beliefs, polygamous marriages are illegal. So, what does this family do now that they have drawn the attention of investigators?  Hire a high-powered attorney and try to win against the state of Utah, which is working to devise a case against them. I say 'hire', but I'm guessing with the publicity of this family, this is a pro bono case for an attorney trying to make a name for himself. It will be interesting to see how this case turns out or if it goes to court at all.

Next season should be quite entertaining. That is, if Kody doesn't have to serve time for, as he says, "loving four women". I am looking forward to seeing what kind of jealousies arise in the household with the pretty wife number four joining the family.  She seems to be stirring up what seemed to be a happy household. I wonder if she will end up moving into the house with the rest of the family.  It seems kind of awkward for her to have her own house away from the rest of the bunch..... so much to wonder about with this very interesting polygamist lifestyle. I shall stay tuned.