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Teacher's Corner

Teachers are always looking for classroom resources or ideas, and needless to say, I have lots of them.  My brain runs a million miles a minute (which is not all good at times), always trying to create something fun and new for my students.  I am also a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel if at all necessary (don't you find that as educators we are asked to reinvent the wheel every few years in lots of areas... ugh!), so I search the web a lot to find useful resources that others have made.  There are lots of teachers across the states that put their time and energy into making lessons that totally top anything the publishing companies make.  After all, we are the ones in the classroom with these kiddos for eight hours a day, so we do know best (well, I think we do!).

You will find that the links below take you to a variety of places. Some will be blog postings that I have written about the classroom topics listed below, some are direct links to freebies I have found, and some are for resources that I have for sale on the website Teachers Pay Teachers.  I might also have some recommendations to resources I have bought on TpT if I feel they are worthy of recommending.  I hope you can find something useful to use in your classroom.

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