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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Feedom to Blink

Do you blink your lights at ongoing traffic to warn them of a waiting patrol car?  ... come on, admit it!

As I was riding into work the other day, a news story grabbed my attention.  Evidently, there is a man filing a class-action lawsuit in Florida. He cites that his Freedom of Speech rights were violated when he was ticketed for blinking his headlights at oncoming cars.  The class action lawsuit includes motorists that have been ticketed for the same thing over the last five years.  What is the offense?  ... Telling people, "a cop is waiting for you!"

It really got me thinking.... is it okay to blink?  Well, I agree with the fact that honking one's horn or blinking one's lights is a form of communication (just like throwing up the middle finger at someone), and the First Ammendment right has protected people when speaking with an 'unspoken' language. So, I guess the man does have a point.

I will say this... I am not a big speeder, but I have appreciated on several occassions when someone has blinked their lights at me. 

I say blink away people!  What do you think?

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Robyn said...

I do NOT blink. This gives anyone who may have a warrant out on them the opportunity to head the other way. :)

Molly said...

Good Point! My sister is a cop, so she is probably in agreement with you. :-/

Rachel L said...

I'd never even heard of blinking...or noticed it. I must be out of the loop or else no one does that here in Washington State.

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Molly, The Blogging Mom said...

wow Rachel, that is really interesting. I thought this was something nation wide. Learned something new. :-)

Melly said...

Wow! I blink, but read Robyn's comment...now I must ponder: to blink or not to blink...


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Molly, The Blogging Mom said...

I know! I had never thought about Robyn's point of view before she mentioned that. It does make you stop and think! Thanks for vising my blog! Check back soon.