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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Homophone Game

Oh my goodness!  I have not blogged in a LONG stinkin' time!!  I am safe, I am alive... thank goodness. My only excuse is I have been so busy.  As much as I love to blog, I simply can't do everything, which would include teaching full time, going to my two older kids' sporting events, taking care of little Huddie (who is now 17 months, if you can believe that!), being a wife (yes, that takes time), laundry, cleaning (not doing much of that either), and so much more.  Life is fast paced here at my house. 

Despite being so busy, I have had time to focus on my teaching.  I went back into the classroom full swing, and I am loving it.  One of thing things I have been doing is making lots of games and centers, which I plan to post on here.  I have these already posted for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers, and if I may so so myself, I am quite proud of some of them.  They are creative and fun, and my students have made comments like, "Oh this is FUN!"

So, here is one of my latest games.  I figured with the weather getting cool and Halloween right around the corner, why not review homophones with a Halloween Homophone Game. This is one of those skills that can't be reviewed often enough.  Kids are constantly asking, "Do I use they're, their, or there?"  Anyway, this is a fun homophone game that includes a Halloween themed game board, which can actually be used with other games if you would like, 20 sets of homophone cards with a Halloween themed picture, a cover sheet in case you choose to use this for a file-folder game, and a skill sheet where the students can choose three sets of homophones and write a sentence with each of them. The homophone cards can actually be used to play other games and don't have to be used with the game board.  The kids can play concentration or a homophone version of Go Fish.  If you are a teacher, I'm sure your class will enjoy it.  I will include a picture below and a link to my Teachers Pay Teachers store where you can purchase it for a very reasonable price.

Keep checking back for lots of other ideas!

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