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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teacher Stress

I hate to think the word stress is in my vocabulary, but sometimes there is simply no avoiding it.  Someone asked me today if going back to teaching was a smooth transition.  My answer to that was, "well, sort of."  I mean I love the school where I teach.  The people are wonderful.  I couldn't have been more blessed as far as being placed at the school I was placed at. BUT.... and yes, there are some BUTs (or should I say BUTTS)... HA! just kidding.   Here is the deal though....

I like to think of it like this... if we teachers were made like those crappy yellow pencils our students use in the classroom, we would break too!! Catch my drift!  At what point do teachers get to that breaking point as far as demands outside the classroom... things that are required of us after 4 or those extra duties and responsibilities that are beyond the lesson planning.

I am not going to kid around... these last two weeks have been incredibly draining.  Last week on Monday and Tuesday, I had 25 conferences.  In order to get all 25 in, I had to stay til after 6 o'clock both nights.  Plus,  it is the end of the grading period, so there is always stuff to take care of  in order to get that finished up. This week I have report cards going out, goals due where you have to calculate all kinds of data, an IEP meeting, chapters in a book to be read and ready for discussion at a meeting, and a sock hop dance on a Friday night from 6-8, which we are required to go to.  Basically, that is staying at work until close to 7 o'clock for 3 of 9 school days.  Throw in the 25-30 emails you get, along everything else that is not 'teaching' and it's no wonder we are like those #2 pencils.

Why is this stressful?  um.... that would be because I have an 18 month old baby that would like to see his Mommy!!  and there is a mommy that would like to see her three kiddos and husband. My only saving grace this week is that I can wear jeans every day... LOL... yeah for supportive administration!!  That at least earns some brownie points in the 'trying to relieve some stress' category. 

Now, to end on a positive note...  I love to teach, I love to lesson plan, I love the people I work with, I love that I have a job to go to when many don't, and I love the fact that I really do know I can only do what I can do, and I have the choice of being a broken pencil or a nice newly sharpened pencil.  :-)


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adventuresindinner said...

I hear yah! I am a grade 8 teachers and sometimes...well better get back to marking.

Molly, The Blogging Mom said...

HA! yep, you better get back to all that grading... so much to do as a teacher! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Steve said...

Teaching certainly is demanding, no doubt about it. We face similar challenges here in Australia.

You captured a really crazy fortnight. I love the way that you highlighted the challenges but still recognized the many positives that we teachers have.

People want satisfaction from their work - they want to do important work and make a difference. Teaching is a great profession for achieving both.