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Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Girl

Yep, My little baby girl is turning fourteen tomorrow. I simply can not believe it. As a baby, Madison was the sweetest, cutest little girl. Here is how I remember her:

It's time for the "Mommy Bragging Moment".....

Madison was such a smart little thing (still is) when she was a wee tot.  She was an early talker and an early walker. She was literally running at nine months, and having a baby right now that is ten months who is creeping/almost walking, I still can not get over how early she walked.  She had such an adult wit about her even as a toddler.  When she had just turned three, Ashley was preparing food for Gibson and placed the food on his high chair tray.  He referred to the tray as a plate when he put it there, and Madison said, "Daddy, that's not a plate, that's a tray.... you made a joke on that one." She said things like that all the time.

When Madison was about five, she let us know she was aware of the world and she placed high expectations on herself. She would have trouble going to sleep because she worried about people dying, war, and things of that nature. Things that your average young one doesn't think about. In kindergarten she cried because she had a hard time estimating how many beans were in the jar. She had a 'need' to count them.  In first grade, she tested into the gifted program, and I had to ask her gifted teacher to help me understand her need for perfection. 

Needless to say, as the years have progressed, the need for perfection has dwindled some, but Madison has continued on in gifted classes making high scores.  She is organized and knows how to study.  She will make herself flash cards, copy notes, and ask me to quiz her.  She takes the initiative to do well.

Beyond academics, Madison also excels on the basketball court.  Having a daddy as a high school basketball coach, Madison has grown up as what some would call a 'gym rat'.  I can not tell you how many practices Madison has attended, and as she has grown older, she has actually participated in them. We didn't really realize it until she started playing organized ball, but at all those practices she was absorbing the information and watching those high school girls.  From about the age of eight or nine she really stood out with her defensive plays and moves.  She continues to work hard on her shooting, and is an outstanding player on the eighth grade team.  She also plays travel ball. She had 18 points in one game, but she had a dream the other night that she will score 28 in an upcoming game.  I have no doubt she will.

Madison has a smile that can light a room. People often comment about her smile. She has a quick wit that adults can appreciate. She has strong will that can come off as sassy at times, but it will take her far once she matures.  My Madison is  fun, friendly, and totally FABULOUS at FOURTEEN!


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