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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What happened to the Blogging Mom?

Goodness me!  My last post was on January 5th, and it was simply a recipe. That just stinks! I was doing so good before that, but OH WELL!  The activities of my busy life have caught up with me.  First there was Christmas, which means that the whole family is home for Christmas break. (Remember, I am married to a teacher) Then we were back in school for 4 days when my granddad passed away. This was a sad time, but he lived a FULL life, just shy of 95 years. Next, we had a snow storm here in GA.  It was unlike any other we have ever had since a cold front came in right after the snow. This kept the snow on the ground for over a week and caused school to be out for an entire 5 days.  Of course, being home for 5 days you would think I would be able to blog just once at least, but nope!  The whole family was home again, and of course I had to do my share of sledding! One more thing.... we are in the heart of basketball season, which means my two older kids are playing and Ashley, my hubby, is coaching his high school team.  This makes very little time during the evenings for things such as blogging. So, now that everyone is back in school and I am home alone during nap times, you just might see an increase in my blog postings.

Madison and Gibson enjoying the snow.


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