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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coupon Stacking

In my couponing quest, I have learned that in order to save the major bucks you have to learn the art of coupon stacking.  What does coupon stacking mean exactly? It means that when you purchase an item, your goal is to: Find your item on sale, then apply a manufacture coupon, and also apply a store coupon.  Most retailers, such as Target, offer store specific coupons on their website you can print off. Some grocery stores also offer coupons that are good for stacking.  For example, when you shop at Publix, pick up their in-store flier right in the entry-way to the store. You can also find store coupons in the Wal-greens ads that are good for stacking. I won't lie, coupon stacking is not all that easy. Time is what it really takes, and most people, especially if you are working full time, probably can't find the time to cross reference manufacture coupons with store coupons in order to get the great deals that coupon stacking has to offer. But, I will tell you that when you find a good deal, it is very rewarding.  This is an example of one of my deals for this week... Target has this cereal on sale for $2.50. With the two coupons you see, I will get the cereal for just $0.50, which is a great bargain! If you have several of these deals on every shopping trip, you can see how the savings can quickly add up.
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Ssfaughnan said...

How do I organize myself to do the cross-referencing with so many coupons and so many ads???

Molly, The Blogging Mom said...

Get a notebook to organize yourself. Use the clear plastic sleeves that you put baseball cards in. Put store and manufactor coupons side by side for the same product. Be educated on what coupons you have so when you see a sale advertised, your will remember that you have a coupon for that product. It is not an easy task!!