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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day Printables

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Yeah, I know.... I'm not teaching right now, but if I were, I would be planning my Valentine's Day lessonsValentine's Day has always been one of my favorite days during the school year.  The kids love it and I love it... everything red, white, and pink.  It's just one of those feel good holidays. Here are some cute FREE February printables I found, or more specifically, Valentine's Day.  Enjoy!

February Printable  Bookmarks- Let the kids color them for a morning arrival activity and then laminate them.  This is actually a fun activity to do at the beginning of every month.

February Printable Acrostic Poem - Use with dictionary skills. The kids can use the dictionary to make sure their words are spelled correctly.

Printable Lined Valentine Paper

Printable Valentine Paper

Printable Valentine Paper

Valentine's Day Double Digit Addition - Great to use for review of basic skills

Valentines Day Three Digit Addition- Great to use as review of basic skills

Valentine's Day Missing Digit - More challenging

Box of Chocolate Adjectives- Explain to your students that you are going to give them each a piece of candy. They should write as many descriptive words and phrases as they can about the candy. Remind them to use all their senses when they are writing. You could even have them write the five senses on their paper and write the words under the correct one. After the students have completed this activity, have each one read their words and have the class try to guess which piece of chocolate the student had.

Candy Heart Sentences- Have students make up sentences or paragraphs around the messages on the candy hearts. For example:

"I do" want you to be my valentine!
You are such a "sweet one!"
Have student glue the candies on in the proper places in the sentences (remind them that these candies ARE NOT for eating!)
They can even try to write whole paragraphs using the hearts.

Area and Perimeter of Hearts and Shapes

Heart Multiplication Flash Cards

Broken Heart Math - Multiplication

Valentine Bingo- Use a standard bingo game related to language arts, spelling, or math, but use candy hearts for the game pieces.

Valentine's Word Problems

Valentine Word Search

Valentine Spelling- You could also have them use the dictionary to find the correct spelling and then tell you the page in the dictionary they found it on.  If you have a smart board, you could project this.

Packet of  Printable Valentine Activities

Valentine Cinquain Poems

The 'AND' game - This activity just gets them up and moving.. something fun to do.  After you plan the game, they could pick ten of the word combinations to write complete sentences with.

Valentine Reading Comprehension- mid to upper elementary

Valentine Reading Comprehension- lower elementary

The Story of St. Valentine- reading comprehension

What is Valentine's Day- reading comprehension

I could go on and on with different activities,  but maybe my teacher friends can find one or two from this list they can use.... hope so!


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