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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hunger Strike for Royal Wedding Invite

Have you heard about the teen from Mexico who is on a hunger strike in hopes of getting an invite to the royal wedding? She has evidently planted herself outside the British Embassy in Mexico City. I'm a fan of the royal couple, but P*L*E*A*S*E!!!!  What is up with this girl?  As of now, she has supposedly been food free for nine days, and sources I have read mentioned that she is planning to hold off on eating until she gets an invite. Hmmmm......It looks like she is going to start getting pretty darn hungry here soon since  it seems that Buckingham Palace is aware of Chavez's hunger strike but no invitation will be extended to her. I gotta give the girl credit for being persistent, and it even appears she is a wonderful artist, as she is spending her time painting a portrait of the royal couple as she awaits her invite. Here is the thing though... she probably should have started this strike in another month or so because the wedding is not until April 29th.....if she doesn't eat before then it's going to read more like "DYING to go to the royal wedding!".... eat girl, eat! 


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