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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bird's Nest

Sorry Birdies, but you simply are not welcome here!  I am so OVER these chirpie little two legged creatures building nests in my garage.  I know, I should simply close the garage.  I hear you!  But here's the deal... I own this place and I shouldn't have to close my garage just to keep these little nest building intruders out. Plus, the kids are in and out of the garage so often, it's just not realistic.

Two years ago it was Madison's bike helmet.  I don't have a picture of that one, but needless to say, I had to throw the helmet out.  Last year, it was the pocket inside my pool bag (see below), and this year, it was a backpack pocket that was partly opened (also below).  I will give the birds credit though, they do find really comfy materials in which to make their home.... quite stylish too, as the pool bag was Old Navy.

Despite my frustrations, I do find it fascinating at how quickly birds can build their nests.  The one from this year was only partly built before I removed the bag, but they did the work in just a few hours.  I will admit I felt sort of bad removing the bag, but I was glad to notice a new nest built in the tree right outside the garage the next day, which of course is where the little birdie belonged in the first place!!!

Old Navy Pool Bag

This year's backpack nest

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