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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Husband's 40th Birthday

Yesterday was my husband's 40th birthday, so I wanted to make it stand out.  I needed a birthday idea that was different and sort of fun,  not the typical "Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's Forty" sign that people put in their front yard.  So, I decided I would contact a bunch of his co-workers (about 30) via email and ask them to participate in my little birthday idea. I don't know if it really qualifies as a prank, just something fun to do to recognize the fourth decade birthday.  I asked his co-workers to each bring him 40 pennies. That's right! They were to hand deliver 40 pennies some time throughout the day along with a happy birthday wish.   Why pennies?  Because people hate all those pennies!  and who wants hundreds of pennies with no where to put them?  HA!  Plus, I figured people wouldn't give 40 quarters. Oh well! I asked that they not be in a bag because that would make things too easy.  It's a lot more memorable to get 40 or 80 pennies at one time and then being stuck with them in your pockets. He got everything from "40" being written in pennies on his desk, to forty pennies being dropped in his classroom,  to lots of hand deliveries of pennies.  Needless to say, he had a pile of pennies at the end of the was all in fun, of course!

Happy 40th Birthday Ashley!


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Jennifer said...

LOL! That is a good one!

I had a friend turn 50 a couple years ago, and another friend and I collaborated and had 50 pink lawn flamingos placed in his yard the night before his birthday so that he woke up on his 50th birthday to 50 pink flamingos in his yard with a sign that said 'We just flew in for D's 50th!' It was hysterical and boy was he surprised.

molly said...

50 flamingos!!! I wouldn't even know where to begin to get 50 flamingos.... I bet that was fun though. Anything to make those it memorable is fun.

Thanks for stopping by.

Endang said...

That was an awesome 40th birthday. Happy birthday Mr Phillips (is it right ?)

molly said...

Yep, Mr. Phillips is correct. :-)

baseball workouts said...

that was a fun idea!

Molly, The Blogging Mom said...

It turned out to be fun indeed. Lots of pennies!