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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sprite Zero

Sprite Zero with Flavor Packets

The other day as I went to go grab a Sprite Zero®, I spotted some Crystal Light® type drink flavor packets on my kitchen counter.  It dawned on me... Why not try one in the Sprite!  To my surprise, it is absolutely great.  You end up with a fruit flavored drink with the yummy fizzy carbonation.  AND, the big bonus is the drink is low calorie, with about 10 calories per serving. I'm always looking for a de-lish low-calorie beverage!!  (hate drinking my calories!) I'm sure many people before me have tried this little beverage creation, but no one has ever brought it to my attention.  Not only do you have a variety of flavor choices, but they now make flavor packets with additional ingredients, such as vitamins and energy/metabolism boosters.  My favorite so far is the fruit punch.  Try this little Sprite Zero concoction and let me know what you think. 


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Endang said...

Does this drink is also part of your awesome diet (your weight loss plan) ?

Molly, The Blogging Mom said...

I guess you could say it is a part of the 'plan'... it is low calorie, so that helps!

baseball workouts said...

hmmm...not sure if I would like that or not...

Molly, The Blogging Mom said...

don't knock it til you try it :-) really is good.