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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Diet and Nutrition

 Day 3 of my weight loss plan........

After giving birth, most women have to go on some kind of diet or exercise plan to rid themselves of the extra weight they acquired.  Me, this is my third time around. I do want this time to be different, so I am trying to change my thinking about diet and nutrition

Here is the thing.... take for instance after I had Gibson 12 years ago. I joined Weight Watchers and lost all the weight plus some. I was actually pretty darn skinny, and of course I was exercising, and would have been considered healthy by most standards. So, what was the problem then?  I was still eating all the wrong crap! Even on Weight Watchers I ate bread, ice cream, and sugar.  All I had to do was keep my daily point intake under a certain level.  The diet plan was pretty much based solely on calorie (AKA point) intake.  I was still feeding myself all those terrible carbs. My main goal was to get slim and I didn't really care how I did it.

My goal now is different. I really am going to try and change my diet and nutrition train of thought and back down from all that bad stuff.  I am trying to make my diet consist of high protein, lean meats, and low-carb veggies.  I am trying to do the recommended plan of small meals spread throughout the day, consuming something every 2-3 hours. These first few days, I have been writing down when and what I eat. As I stated in yesterday's blog, I have my own diet plan of eating 8 times a day.  I consume 4- mini nutrition bars, 3- protein shakes which I add protein powder to, and one meal that consists of a lean meat and 3 select veggies. I am trying to keep the calories low, but not too low as I don't want to throw my body in a starvation mode and create a no-win situation for myself. In addition to trying to eat right, I have added a multi-vitamin.  I have never been one to take vitamins (unless pregnant), so hopefully this will make a difference too. 

This is my "orange push-up" secret recipe protein shake
18 grams of protein, 6 carbs, under 150 calories,  and YUMMY!!

Now, back to the topic of  sugar and sweets.  They are so yummy!... but they are so bad!!!  and eating one just makes you crave another a few hours later.  It is such a viscous cycle.  This is my third day with no sugar, bread, or anything bad, and I will be the first to say that it is terribly hard.  I could have easily awakened this morning and eaten a Poptart or something like that. Sugar really is like a drug, so I do hope I can rid myself of this addictive white powder... argh!  Good luck to me because I am going to need it!

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