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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sugar Addiction

Today is day 5 of the big diet, and I am still hanging on despite the fact that I could have easily eaten sugary cereal for breakfast and sugar sprinkled cookies for lunch.  HA! Yep, I am finding out that sugar is a true addiction and it is not easy to rid your body of it. Despite my cravings, which are diminishing I might add, I have not given in to the sugar that I hear oh-so-clearly calling my name.  I did a bit of reading on low carb dieting, sugar addition, and such, and came a cross a video I wanted to share with you.  I am sure many of you can relate to this. It is a tad long but well worth watching. This guy actually has lots of videos that can be found on his website called Under Ground Wellness.

After doing some reading, I have made a change in my diet plan by removing one shake and replacing it with a high protein, low carb dish that remains low in calories.  I will re-evaluate things as the days go by, making adjustments as needed.  Because I am trying to eat every 2-3 hours, the food consumption is kept in small portions.   I'm sure there is a diet guru out there that can probably point out things I am doing wrong, so feel free to offer any insight you have.  I am open to input. Here is a sample of one dish, which consists of turkey, cheese, and egg. I got a bit happy with the pepper shaker.

My weigh-in on day 5 shows my weight is down 3 pounds.  I know there will be natural fluctuation daily with water retention and other things so my weight could go up and then back down. Plus, I am sure my body is in a shock mode right now, so it might drop the pounds quickly here in the beginning and then taper off.  As far as weighing daily, the other day when I was watching Oprah and the nutrition expert Bob Greene was on there. He said not to weigh until the end of the first month so you don't get discouraged with the daily fluctuation.  That seems like a long time to me. Sorry Bob, but I don't think I can wait a month.

Come back soon to see if the weight loss progress continues. 


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