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Friday, April 29, 2011

I love FREE things

A few days ago I checked my mail and believe it or not, I got cash in the mail.  Okay, .... well, not really cash.  They were really two coupons for $10 off a purchase of ten dollars or more. You have probably gotten these coupons yourself at some point.  They look like this:

I got two-$10 coupons
One is for Khol's and the other for JC Penny. 

I have gotten them in the mail many times.  These kinds of coupons are pretty much used to lure you into the store, basically offering you something for 'free', and then of course you purchase something over ten dollars. You still get a good deal getting ten dollars off your purchase, but you may have spent money you didn't intend to spend on something you may not even need.  Sometimes I use these coupons, sometimes I don't.  A typical scenario would be setting the coupons aside with the intention of using them and then forgetting about them. I guess that is sort of like dropping ten dollars on the ground and losing it. Of course, I have also been the one that has taken them in and used the ten dollar coupon toward something that cost thirty dollars. Are you guilty of that?  I felt good getting ten dollars off, but not nearly as good as I would have felt getting something for free.  I just love free things!

With that said,  I decided to take a different approach this go round when using the coupons.  I decided these coupons were like getting ten dollars in the mail (ten dollars at two different stores).... free money!  I told myself I was going to take one of the coupons in and purchase something I thought I could use and keep it as close to the ten dollars as possible, basically getting it as close to free as I could.  Today I took the Khol's coupon in, and here is what I got for virtually free... I paid a whopping forty-two CENTS! The cashier said, "Can't beat that!"..... of course, I agree.  Can't wait to see what I get using the other one.

Normally $26

It was 60 % off, making it $10.40

Using my $10 off coupon, I got it for 40 cents plus tax = 42 cents.


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