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Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Birthday Cake

Hudson's 1st Birthday Cake
Tomorrow is Hudson's first birthday party, and instead of buying a cake, I decided to attempt to make one.  I am what you call a cake novice, as I have baked and decorated very few kids' birthday cakes.  Despite that, I do think this one turned out pretty cute.

For my other two kids I pretty much have just picked a theme and had a bakery take on the cake baking project. For Hudson's party (which is really just a family gathering of lunch and cake), I decided to go with a cupcake theme.  I have cupcake plates, tablecloth, etc. and for the birthday cake, I decided to buy one of those huge cupcake cake pans made by Wilton. I baked three round layers for the cake in addition to the cupcake.  I decorated the cupcake separate from the three layers, and then before I set the cupcake on top, I inserted about five wooden skewers to help balance the weight of the cupcake.

I have learned a few things while working with the cupcake pan.  The cupcake cake works better if you use a more dense cake recipe, such as a pound cake.  For this cake, I used a pound cake for the cupcake portion, and then I used a chocolate cake mix for the three layers.  You can't bake your layers at the same time as your cupcake, so it does take a good hour and a half to get it all baked.  Plus, when you bake the cupcake, you need to watch the temperature.  I have used the pan several times before making this cake, and each time I have had to turn the temp down to about 275 degrees and continue baking for an additional 5-10 minutes. 


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Robyn A. said...

Very cute, Molly! That's good to know that a denser batter works best in the big cupcake pan. My mom has a couple of those pans! Happy birthday to little Hudson!!! Can you believe it's been a year???

molly said...

Thanks Robyn!! I can not believe he is one. Before I know it he will be 14 like Madison. ... crazy how time just passes so quickly.

markdevilson said...

Hudson's Many Many Happy Returns of the Day ! it is a great moment for Hudson's and his parents to celebrating 1st happy birthday.

akonmilson said...

Every parents are so eager to celebrating their kids first birthday. Its all are so memorable moments of our life. Happy Birthday to Hudson.

dennismarkk said...

Wow ! its a nice cake for the 1st Birthday of your kid. I am also eager to celebrates my kid 1st Birthday next month. Thanks for sharing with us nice cake for kid.