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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weight Loss Blog

The weight loss plan begins......

The time has come.  The time is here.  I have got to try and rid myself of the weight I gained while pregnant. I have decided to get serious about this weight loss, and what better way to help get my frustrations out than to vent them right here on my blog. Of course I do hope I have some successes to post, too.  I will be the first to tell you that weight loss is not easy, and as I have always said, "If the food didn't taste so damn good, it simply wouldn't be a problem."

 In January of 2009 I started exercising daily. By July of 2009, I was pretty much running about 3-5 miles a day. In about August of 2009 I had sort of gotten my body where I wanted it with about 10-12 pounds to lose when I found out I was pregnant.  Having had two pregnancies before where a lot of weight gain had occurred, I knew the scale was about to start moving up again.  I decided that during this pregnancy, I would continue to walk 3 miles a day, which I successfully did throughout the entire pregnancy.  Unfortunately, despite my efforts, the weight crept on with a whopping 50 pound weight gain by the end.

This is when I was about 8 weeks pregnant.
This was at about 5 months pregnant.
This is just a few days before I delivered, about 12 months ago.

And this is me now.
 So, here I am 12 months postpartum and I am hanging onto about 20 pounds of  baby weight in addition to the 10-12 pounds I wanted to lose before I got pregnant. That's a whopping 30 pounds that I would like to lose.

This little journey is not going to be easy.  Why? Because let's face it, food is good.  In addition, I am a stay at home mom right now, and do you know how many times I pass by my pantry each day?  LOTS!  It's too stinking easy to grab something that is not healthy.  I don't want to remove everything 'bad' from the house because I do have two kids and a hubby that don't have this little weight gain issue like I do.  Plus, I like to bake, which I don't really want to give up.  I guess I will just have to use my nose to enjoy those baked goods and not my mouth.  boo hoo

By the way, I started this little diet yesterday, so this is actually day two for me. Day one of this weight loss journey was quite difficult. Okay, day 2 is hard also!! If you are wondering what kind of weight loss plan I am doing. I guess you could call it the "Molly Plan", as it is basically just a strict diet plan that I have come up with. I devised a plan where I eat every 2-2.5 hours. The plan is made up of 4- 80 calorie nutrition bars, 3 - 140 calorie shakes which I created, and 1 meal that consists of 1 lean meat and 1.5 cups of selected steamed vegetables. Although it is not many calories (under 1,000), I am eating every couple of hours, so I should be able to keep my body in a fat burning zone.  I guess time will tell. 

Despite the fact that I have not been eating well the last few months, I have indeed been exercising.  I have actually been doing 3-5 miles a day (run/walking) six days a week. You would surely think that this would help the weight come off, but it hasn't. Hopefully now that I have given up bread and all the other crap I have been eating, my efforts will start to pay off.  One other factor that I think may have been working against me is the increase in my appetite from breast feeding.  I exclusively breastfed for about 6 months and continued to nurse Hudson several times a day until he was 9 months, and I actually still breast feed once in the mornings, which of course, he is soon to be weaned from that.

Like I said, this little journey is going to be a struggle for me, but with the support of my husband and kids, I do hope I can be successful in getting this weight off.  I will post blog updates on my efforts, so I guess you could say that I will either succeed publically or fail publically. I do hate to fail! So, with that said, pleeeease let the weight loss begin! :-)

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Heidi said...

You still look wonderful...I finally lost my 20 lbs (that I gained after leaving teaching) with the help of Weight Watchers. Be careful to eat enough-I messed up my metabolism with not eating enough in the beginning of my journey. Best of luck to you. Looking forward to following your journey! Heidi

molly said...

Thanks Heidi-- we will see how it goes :-) It's tough!

bunnybates said...


Molly, The Blogging Mom said...

sure thing! also, thanks for taking time out to visit the blog. I am still working on losing the last few pounds. :-)

preet said...

hmmm !! nice !!

hamppy tabb said...

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