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Friday, October 1, 2010

Swagger Wagon leads me to FREE Diet Coke ~ www.TheBloggingMom.com~

I am not sure if I should be feeling guilty nope...not gonna happen that I have somehow managed to get my last 5 drinks at Sonic for FREE.  I very rarely eat at Sonic, but I do love their Diet Cokes. Being the Diet Coke addict that I am, yes, I can drink one of their 44 ounce Diet Cokes. It may take me several hours, but it can be done.  Not only that, I love their Styrofoam cups eco-friendly people don't knock me and their rabbit pellet ice.So, a little over a week ago while I am out and about, I drive my Swagger Wagon to the Sonic drive thru and order a Diet Coke. At the bottom of the receipt is a survey to take and complete over the phone.  You then get a validation code, and take it back in for ... you guessed it....a FREE 44 oz. drink.  I figure what the heck...I do exactly that.  I call the number, answer the questions, giving them the highest rating of 5 for all questions hitting 5 was just easier than clicking different numbers, and receive my code. I take the receipt in and get my nice refreshing drink.  The next thing I know, when they are handing me my FREE drink, I get a new receipt with.... guess what???.....the same survey on it. Jack Pot Of course they will get all fives now, they are are making my day by giving me all of these free drinks. Crazy!  As the story continues....Here I am a week later still drinking my Diet Cokes from Sonic... can't get any better than FREE!

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