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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Response to "Worthless Women and the Men Who Make Them" by Single Dad Laughing ~ Mom Blog ~

Click here to read Single Dad Laughing's blog posting: Worthless Women and the Men Who Make Them

I am sorry for the world depicted in the blog... one where women are not appreciated and honored. A world where women are not seen as equal and women feel it necessary to have self hatred as a direct result of the men in their lives.

Fortunately, that is not the same world I live in. Although there are many women that can relate to this posting, quite frankly, I think that most women would agree that the ideas expressed do not reflect their world. I might add that I don't live in a world of candy and roses, but the phrases and terminology  used seemed to have hints of one's own personal struggle with women rather than being reflective of the men of the world.

All men seem to have been lumped into this one category....having no respect for the 'real' woman. Some  wording that caught my attention was "women are",  "Guys, it's our fault", "forward this to every man you know", "make a bold declaration against everything we've ever been taught", "destroyed the beauty", "They can't be all of it. Not naturally", "They feel our belief that they are the weaker sex",  "It is because of us", "I am losing my attraction for women", ( I, I, I, I) "We want what we can never have" (We, We, We, We), "We are all screwed up" " Media made me this way", "Media has made ALL men this way."

.... okay, enough already!

I think my number one problem with this posting is that it is directed to ALL men. Forward this to "all men you know" , "Media has made ALL men this way", or "We are ALL screwed up."

I am here to say that not ALL men are this way!

Many men are self respecting, female honoring, wife loving, mother cherishing MEN. They do not find women the weaker sex. They do not find the unnatural to be sexy. They don't want what they can never have. They are very happy with what they do have. They simply are not all screwed up.

So, my kudos are going out to all of the wonderful men in this world... men like my dad, my grandfathers, my brother, the in laws and so many more men I have come in contact with.......most importantly, my fantastic husband.  I thank him for the seventeen years of marriage, the three kids, and for loving ME... the REAL me!

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Devoted Daddy said...

Haha there did seem to be an awful lot of absolutes in that posting. Overall, I think his message is a good one, “men need to stop buying into the media’s portrayal of a perfect woman.” I do have to say however, that it is nice to see at least one woman sticking up for us guys! Not all of us are out to belittle womankind! Thanks for recognizing that. Have a great day!

Sarah C said...

I disagree. I think Dan hit the nail RIGHT on the head. I think there are 2 groups of men - those that struggle with these things, and those that lie and say they don't.

I am married to an extremely loving man, who respects me very much. But that has been a journey, and a beautiful work of the Holy Spirit. He has broken free of the lust that media and society has thrown at him. It is an amazing thing that those strongholds have been broken in his life. I praise my Lord for that.

That's nice that you seem to be surrounded by the 0.001% of men that don't struggle with this stuff.

I don't think Dan's intention was to say that all men are inherently dirtbags. He's saying that society has urged them in that direction - men are victims too. But he's just asking that we ALL do something to help change that.