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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can Mommy Pee in Private, Please! ~ Mom Blog ~

Yesterday I was telling my husband that I don't ever remember our other two kids being so connected to me as a baby, as in connected at the hip. Of course they loved their 'Mommy' still do as teenagers, but have funny ways of showing it and wanted to be with me, but this is a bit different.

With Hudson, if I stand up and attempt to walk out of the room, I have a whining combat crawler right behind me. It's quite pitiful, to say the least. Poor little guy. Combat crawling across an entire room into another has to be the equivalent of me walking a quarter mile. And, just as you suspected, the moment he is picked up, the tears clear and he is all smiles.  I might add that the tears do make him look more distressed, which of course adds to my distress.  He is at that age where tears are just starting to develop, making his eyes just barely wet with matted eye lashes. So sad!

"Mommy, please come back!"

I know that staying home with him is a big contributor to this attachment issue ... AKA.. separation anxiety, but building a mother/child bond is one of the reasons I chose to stay home in the first place. Breastfeeding I believe is the second reason.  My goal was to complete six months of breastfeeding, and here I am nearing seven months, and the boy is still going strong. Guess we will see what happens with that.

In the mean time, getting much of anything done while he is awake is just asking too much....laundry, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, etc.  That part can be a tad frustrating at times. Speaking of the bathroom,  even getting a minute or two of alone time there is asking too much. What's the solution?

I'll just sit here and watch Mommy pee.


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{Erin} said...

awww, I remember that with my Little Monster... -sigh- he's 2 yrs old nearly and STILL like that. I'm better at ignoring the tears of a 2 yr old though. LOL

Heather's Crazy Life said...

awwww I know what you mean Im a mother to 6 children and my baby is now 5 yrs old. Im very lucky I got to stay home with all 6 of them. Now I work but Im glad I took the time to spend with them and build that bond. Its something I never had as a child and I think it is better for the bonding phases of life.

He is a cutie!