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Monday, November 8, 2010

Where is the Damn Thing? ~ Mom Blog ~


"I just had the thing," I said.

"I know you had it. I saw you use it, but where did it go," said my husband.

"Well, I don't have a clue," I said, "but I put it on the couch right there in the midst of me folding laundry, so it has to be around here somewhere."

So the search party sets out, kids included..... looking for the beloved remote control!

I really did have it in my hand, as I had just used it to rewind Wheel of Fortune in order to make fun of the way someone was waving.  I know... not very nice! But this fellow was waving just like a beauty queen and it made me laugh. Don't you love the fact that you can go back and see such important things like that.

I honestly could care less about the remote control.  My TV watching revolves around just a few different channels, so spending my time searching for the remote was not really on my priority list.  I soon realized it is way different for a man. The key indicator was when the search had been stalled for about 30 minutes, and my husband comes into the office saying, "I have got to find that thing. It is driving me crazy!" Of course my reply was, "This is actually sort of funny with you needing this remote."

After this remote control incident I think it is fair to say that the loss of a remote control for a man is quite comparable to a woman searching for chocolate during PMS.  That's right... they start feeling a bit anxious, irritablility sets in, and a mad serach to find the chocolate remote begins.

I'm thinking this might make a good Christmas gift

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