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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Faith Journey

~ my personal synopsis of a recent sermon~

As you work to strengthen your faith, do you find yourself wrestling with God?

It's funny how people sometimes seem to have a little 'g' god.  This is the god they created.  These people go to church, they are kind and generous, but when it comes to their own sin, they are a follower of their 'god'.  These people create a god the way they want god to be. It is a fabrication of reality. Their god is more accepting of sin, especially their sin.  Their god will continue to overlook repeated sin, especially their repeated sin.  Their god is okay with their cheating, lying, and deceiving. Their god is okay with being a follower on Sunday and not Monday-Saturday. These people are willing to condemn others for sinning, but they know their god will overlook these same actions when they display them. Basically, these people are pretending to be something they are not.  They pretend to be a follower of the big "G" God, but the reality is, they are not. Point being......God can't bless pretenders.

So, when God asks you, "Who are you?"  What do you say?

Are you a follower, or are you a FOLLOWER?

It's sort of like being asked the question, "Can you ride a bike?"  What do you say?

Let me ask you this, "Can you ride a bike, or can you RIDE a bike?"

If you said you can ride a bike, take 5 minutes to watch this video, and then continue reading below.

Understand that there is riding a bike, and then there is RIDING a bike.  There is being a follower, and there is being a FOLLOWER.  A true faith journey can be a radical ride. There is always a natural resistance to God.  This ride can be mysterious in that there will always be things you don't understand.  It can be exhausting as you try to understand but can't.  You will have to dig deep, and then there will be even more you don't understand. Then, in the end, you will be blessed.

Being a follower of God means letting go of the God you have created, yet never letting go of the God that created you. Be a follower of the big "G" God.

I might also add that I am continually working on my own faith journey.


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