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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chocolate Chip Pie

It's Chocolate Chip Pie for Thanksgiving Day!

Pumpkin pie just doesn't work for the Phillips' kiddos, but CHOCOLATE sure does! My kids love pretty much anything that has chocolate or chocolate chips. And with it being Thanksgiving, I had to make a dessert I thought they would enjoy.  I didn't want to make regular 'ole chocolate chip cookies, although they are indeed yummy, because we eat those all the time.  Instead, I was looking for something more holidayish probably not a word, but oh well.  I went looking for something extra scrumptious, and that is when I came across the Chocolate Chip Pie recipe by the wonderful Paula Deen and the Deen sons. This pie received a five star rating, and I have to say that even though I haven't taken one bite yet, by the looks of them as they are cooling, I would have to guess that they are probably going to be a five.  See what I'm talking about!

Click here for the Chocolate Chip Pie recipe.  Enjoy!


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ChronicNerd said...

I know exactly where I will use this pie! I am planning a birthday party for some 11 year old girls. So chocolate chip pie tarts it is!

Endang-F1 said...

Hello Molly,
Wow, I like coffee and this pie seems match for enjoying a cup of hot coffee.

molly said...

You ladies definitely need to try the pie recipe. It was a huge hit!! To make it look a tad more fancy when I served it, I put a spoon of cool whip on it, drizzled a bit of chocolate syrup over it, and then sprinkled a few chocolate chips on top. It looked like it was from a restaurant :-)

Julie said...

Yum! I can't wait to try this out. Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Yum! I can't wait to try this out. Have a great weekend!