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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Johnny Jump is a Favorite Toy ~ Mom Blog ~

If you are in the market for a new toy for your baby, I would highly recommend the Johnny Jump.  I know these things have been around forever, but they offer one of those timeless kinds of fun for the little ones. If you are not familar with them, they hang in a doorway and can be used once your baby is able to support their own head. Hudson loves playing in his, sometimes a couple of times a day, and he has been known to stay in it for fifteen minutes at a time (maybe more) when he is really in the mood for some jumping and spinning. It's a great place for him to play if I need to do a few quick chores like empty the dishwasher or move the laundry up.... or if I just need to grab a few minutes to regain my sanity!! Check out the video, and you will see just how much he enjoys it.

The Johnny Jump would make a great Christmas gift!


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