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Monday, November 15, 2010

Do you have Regrets in Your Life? ~ Mom Blog ~

~ my personal synopsis of a recent sermon~

“If we spend our time with regrets over yesterday, and worries over what might happen tomorrow, we have no today in which to live.”

author unknown

Do you have regrets in life?......    real regrets.

A regret is different from a 'redo'.  A redo is something that you probably would choose to do differently next time, but it doesn't entirely affect your life.  Unlike regrets, redos don't typically involve the people close to you either, but regrets hurt you and possibly your family and friends. 

An example of a redo might be something like you would witness on the news or maybe You Tube. You know, one of those wacky videos where someone rode their bike onto ice and then fell through. They were probably hurt a tad but nothing too terribly bad, and they now have a funny story to tell their kids. They later say something like, "If I could do that over, I'm not sure I would make that same choice."  Their actions would be considered pretty dumb but would not be considered a regret in the sense that I am referring to. 

A regret is an action that is probably making you walk around with a negative conscience. Either that, or you are being burdened with an emotional weight that is affecting many areas of your life, such as your marriage, your relationship with your kids, etc.

Of course, with true regret comes some level of remorse, and here is where you have to be careful. You want to have enough regret over your actions so that you will have the power to change, but you don't want to have so much regret that you can't live a healthy happy life. The power to change means you need to start reflecting on your regrets. 

What do you need to do? Redeem what you can and release what you can't. Understand that Grace is greater than regret, and by releasing your regrets to God and asking forgiveness for those sins, you will be able to move on with your life.

Ask yourself, "What in my life is holding me back?  What do I regret?"  Then try this:

Write your regrets on a black piece of paper. It's black because it's only between you and God. Take this paper and turn it over to God.  Ask for forgiveness and then burn the paper. That's right, rid yourself of this burden.

Remember: redeem what you can, release what you can't, and understand that Grace is greater than regret.

Also, if you are interested in reading the kinds of regrets that other people are dealing with, visit the website called Secret Regrets.  You might find it interesting.


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