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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Palin Daughter

Palin Daughter...

What is it about the Palin daughter, Bristol, that has people shooting at their TVs and sending white powder to the studios of Dancing with the Stars? Well, according to what I read, the shooter fellow is bipolar so that explains his little manic episode. And I am sure with the FBI investigating the white powder incident, we will soon find out what kind of loony bird is behind that threat. The gunman could be facing ten years in prison for blasting his TV to smithereens and then pulling the gun on his wife. I am thinking that he probably should have just gotten his prescription refilled... would have been much cheaper!

I swear, people can bring politics up in any situation. Who would have thought... 

Dancing with the Stars + Palin Daughter = politics. 

Isn't it her MOTHER that is the politician?  Leave Bristol out of the politics. What's the hype?  It's everywhere  in the news...  speculation about the Republican Party and the tea party busting their little booties to vote for Bristol in an effort to help her win. 

Well, HELLO...

This is a voting show, so it very well might be true that the Republicans are encouraging everyone to vote, vote, vote. If you don't get the votes, you don't stay on the show.  Guess all the other dancers just didn't have the support they needed. This is a dancing show, but in the end, there is no way they can really control whether it is a popularity contest or a dancing contest. 

I will admit that I have only seen a few of the shows she has danced in, and I have never voted for anyone on any episode before, but this madness might just make me dial right in and vote for the Palin daughter.... Go Bristol!


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Robyn A. said...

Agree agree agree.

Jennifer said...

I have to disagree. The name of the show is Dancing with the Stars. Where in your universe is Bristol Palin a star??? She is nothing more than a girl who rode her mother's coattails and was careless enough to become pregnant as a high school teenager. I am sorry, but rewarding that kind of carelessness with "star" status is simply wrong... talk about encouraging other teenage girls to get pregnant! I am sorry, but I disagree with rewarding teen pregnancy with stardom.